Don't Trash Neshoba County / Litter Removal Program

The Neshoba County Board of Supervisors is seeking the assistance of everyone to help curb the litter problems on our roadways.  Much of the litter is deliberate in origin, mostly consisting of convenience products:  take-out, snack and beverage packaging as well as other disposable items.  Littering reduces the aesthetics and natural beauty of our communities and costs significant amounts of money to remove, funding which could be utilized for other critical needs.  To combat the litter problem the Board of Supervisors has implemented new strategies including (1) Enforcement – The Board has requested the Sheriff to enforce littering violations on our roadways and is acquiring covert cameras to place at problem areas to aid in enforcement; and (2) Litter Removal Pilot Program – The Board has implemented a litter pickup pilot program that will pay $2.00 per full bag of litter picked up at the direction of the County.  Information concerning the program is available on our below or visit the County Unit Facility on Highway 15 to sign-up for the program, you can also call the County Unit Facility at 601-656-8475 for program details.  Trash bags are also available and provided to persons that wish to remove litter in their community.  Help us to reduce the litter on our roadways and improve the appeal of our communities.

Road Side Pickup Program Information