Ditch Stabilization Project on Road 414 Completed

​The Ditch Stabilization Project on Road 414, adjacent to the Neshoba County Fairgrounds, and just off Highway 21 South has been completed by the Project Contractor.

Heavy rain events had caused significant erosion to this drainage ditch that passes through from the Neshoba County Fairgrounds and was endangering the county road between the fairground property and the ditch.  With funding in-part provided through the U.S. Department of Agriculture - Natural Resources Conservation Service's Emergency Watershed Protection Program the project contractor was able to replace and lengthen a drainage culvert, restore sloping to the drainage ditch and place rip rap along a portion of the ditch to provide erosion protection.  Additional work was performed on the bridge wing walls on Road 414 to provide erosion protection and prevent scouring of the bridge approach and roadway.  Bids were received on the project in November 2016 and the project was let to Cain, Inc. of Koscuisko in the amount of $64,558.55.  County Engineer Marty Crowder performed the engineering for this project and also performed project inspection along with representatives from the NRCS.  Approximately 82.5% of the project cost was funded through NRCS.