Candidates Qualifying for Office

The following candidates have qualified with the Circuit Clerk's Office as of January 16, 2019:

Supervisor - District 1

Keith Lillis (R) (I)

Bobby Joe Lovern (R)

Supervisor - District 2

Kevin Cumberland (R) (I)

Melton Dewayne Bounds (R)

Supervisor - District 3

Jerry L. Goforth (R) (I)

Kinsey Smith (R)

Supervisor - District 4

Allen White (R) (I)

Marty Sistrunk (R)

Todd Pilgrim (R)

Kevin Wilcher (R)

Supervisor - District 5

Obbie Riley (D) (I)

David Carter (R)

Chancery Clerk

Guy Nowell (R) (I)

Circuit Clerk

Pattie Duncan Lee (R) (I)


Kevin Baysinger (R)

Kenny Moore (R)

Ken Spears (R)

Jeff Crapps (IND)

Ken Edwards (D)

Danny Carter (D)

Coroner / Medical Examiner

John E. Stephens (R) (I)

Tax Assessor / Collector

Mike Lewis (R) (I)

Constable - Place 1

Josh Burt (R)

Mark Flake (R)

Terry Todd (R)

Constable - Place 2

Wendell Walker (R)

Keith McCrory (R)

Nathan Sistrunk (R)

Eric Pope (R)

Justice Court Judge - Place 1

Paul Payne (R)

Justice Court Judge - Place 2

Johnathan "Earl" Spears (R) (I)


(D) = Democrat     (I) = Incumbent     (R) = Republican     (IND) = Independent