Board Awards Road 628 Bridge Replacement Project to Magco, Inc. of Laurel

The Neshoba County Board of Supervisors has awarded the County Road 628 Bridge Replacement Project to Magco, Inc of Laurel, MS at the lowest bid of $568,828.65.  

Four bids were received for this project in addition to Magco's bid.  They included:  A.E. Boyer Company LLC of Hattiesburg who bid $634,595.20; Tanner Construction, Inc. of Laurel who bid $687,337.80 and Ausbern Construction Co., of Okolona who bid $688,624.16.  The accepted bid will provide 0.180 Miles of Box Bridge and Paved Roadway Approaches on County Road 628 which is known as project number ERBRF-STP/BR-0050(35)BO.

The County Road 628 Bridge has been closed and will now be replaced with a new structure at a project cost of approximately $650,000 with $625,711.52 of said funds being provided from the Mississippi Legislature's Emergency Road and Bridge Repair Fund Grant.  The remaining costs for this project which includes pre-construction design, engineering and wetlands assessments will be provided from Neshoba County's State Aid Funds which were previously designated for this project.

The Mississippi Transportation Commission previously approved and announced funding for 163 Emergency Road and Bridge Repair Fund (ERBRF) projects totaling $250 million appropriated by the Mississippi Legislature.  Two projects were awarded in Neshoba County including the County Road 628 Bridge with a project award of $732,681.40 for replacement of the structure.  The project was shovel ready with all engineering and right-of-way acquired for the project.    Neshoba County submitted applications for five projects for consideration under the ERBRF grant.

Funding for the Highway 19 Four Lane Project in Neshoba County was also awarded to MDOT totaling $6,695,200.00 from ERBRF.  

MDOT stated that projects were chosen based on metrics that took into account bridge condition, project readiness, traffic volume, mobility, and economic impact. Each application was analyzed and ranked based on these metrics and other criteria established through joint meetings with the ERBRF Advisory Board as well as survey information received from local governments.  The Emergency Road and Bridge Repair Fund was created by the Mississippi Infrastructure Modernization Act (MIMA) of 2018, which was signed into law during the 2018 Special Legislative Session. It authorized issuance of up to $250 million in bonds to repair public roads and bridges in the state.

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