Board Awards County Road 705 Bridge Project to Magco, Inc

The Neshoba County Board of Supervisors on Monday, July 6th, awarded the County Road 705 Bridge Project to Magco, Inc. of Laurel, who was the lowest bidder, at a construction cost of $886,372.80.

The bridge, located in southeast Neshoba County, was closed in December of 2018 as part of the Federal Bridge Inspection Program.  The bridge was previously slated for replacement under the Local System Bridge Program (LSBP).  There were three bids received on the project including Tanner Construction, Inc. of Laurel who bid $1,219,787.33; Joe McGee Construction of Lake who bid $950,180.50;  and, the lowest bid, which was 18% below the engineer's estimate, Magco, Inc. of Laurel at $886,372.80.  The entire project with contingencies and engineering totals $1,037,100.00.

Construction time for the bridge is set for 120 days.