2019 Primary Election Results - August 6, 2019

The Official Recapitulations of the Democratic and Republican August 6th Primary Election are available here:

Democratic Official Recapitulation - August 6, 2019

Republican Official Recapitulation - August 6, 2019

Unofficial Results of the Primary Runoff Election to be held on August 27, 2019 will be posted here as results become available (Both Precinct and Summary Results):

(click on hyperlink for each district precinct or summary results for a pdf of results)

District 1

Zephyrhill Precinct

Fairview Precinct

Fork Precinct

Arlington Precinct

Tucker - District 1 Precinct

Pearl River Precinct

District 2

Northeast Philadelphia Precinct

Forestdale Precinct

Center Precinct

North Bend Precinct

Bogue Chitto Precinct

District 3

House Precinct

Herbert Precinct

Tucker - District 3 Precinct

County Line Precinct

Southeast Philadelphia Precinct

District 4

Neshoba Precinct

McDonald Precinct

Hays Precinct

Deemer Precinct

Hope Precinct

Dixon Precinct

South Philadelphia Precinct

District 5

Fusky Precinct

East Neshoba Precinct

Northwest Philadelphia Precinct

Burnside Precinct