2017-2018 County Budget & Tax Levy Adopted

T​he Neshoba County Board of Supervisors at their regular Board Meeting on Monday, September 11th adopted the Fiscal Year 2017-2018 Budget and Tax Levy that will become effective October 1, 2017.  The Budget and Tax Levy had to be adopted by the statutory September 15th deadline. 

The Neshoba County Budget for the upcoming fiscal year focuses on maintaing existing services and enhancing services provided by your County government with no increase in taxes.  Some of the larger projects in the upcoming budget that are planned include a new chancery clerk record keeping system as the current system is still operated on a Windows XP environment.  The lease purchase for the energy services project that is currently underway will also begin in the coming budget year.  A new lease purchase for new vehicles for the Sheriff's Department, Emergency Management and the Road & Bridge Department will also start this fiscal year.  The Neshoba County Jail saw a large increase in budget for the coming year that will include an addiitonal $25,000 for feeding prisoners, potentially a new camera surveillance system for the jail, and additional improvements to ensure public safety.  The starting pay for detention officers will also be raised when the new budget year begins.  Funding is also set aside to acquire Burnside Park from the Pearl River Basin Development District.  The budget for the second straight year includes $250,000 of dedicated funding for road improvements in addition to amounts in the budget for regular on-going maintenance.  The new budget will also include dedicated funidng set aside for new equipment with the Road and Brige Department.  These are just a few of the upcoming projects for the next fiscal year.    

Property owners should see a slight decrease in taxes due to new construction, growth and improvements made during the last year combined with changes in the debt service amounts requested by both school districts and the decrease in the operational expense request of the Philadelphia-Neshoba County Career Technical Center by the Neshoba County School District.  While the Neshoba County School District General Maintenance Funding Request required an increase of 1.5 mills, the lowering of the debt service and lowering of funding for the Career Technical Center, provided for an overall lower millage requirement for the Neshoba County School District.  The lowering of the debt service request by the Union School District also lowered the millage required for funding their budget.

The 2017-2018 Tax Levy can be found here.

The Combined Budget for Publication for Fiscal Year 2018 can be found here.